Go check out I love Vintage! They have some awesome stuff!!!

An online vintage shopping experience in Amsterdam‘s best vintage shop! The I Love Vintage store is located on the Prinsengracht 201 in Amsterdam where you can try everything from our Pin-Up Couture 50’s dresses and petticoats to original one-of-a-kind vintage boots and bags!

At ILV, we like to “teleport” our unique and discerning clientele, back to an era, where the shopping experience was both original and exclusive. And we like to do so at prices offering tremendous value for money

We believe that every woman, regardless of her shape or body type, has a hidden sophistication, which is often mis-understood, and frequently neglected.

This inner goddess deserves to be pampered regularly, by being treated to an extensive array of superbly and tastefully designed choices. And due to our knowledge of, and love for all that fashion history has to offer, we offer this service. Essentially, We like to treat our ladies, in the same manner in which the Beautiful and alluring divas’ from the amazing decades of the 20th century must have felt each time they went shopping.

Our vintage- inspired collection of brand new items from different brands and designs, reflect the passion which we hold for this dear industry of ours. And currently, our speciality offerings are from the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Finally, the old saying “Make New Friends but keep the Old… One is silver , the Other is Gold” aptly denotes our eternal love for all things vintage, consequently we also offer a range of original, one-of-a-kind vintage items that are carefully and lovingly hand selected by our ILV Team.


About The Man in Charge

Brad Boening was born in 1974 in San Antonio, Tx and is currently resides in Las Vegas and works in Information Technology. He began taking photos 17 years ago and enjoys finding the "perfect" picture. For the past 3 years, Brad has devoted most of his attention towards the art of photography and it is that devotion to his pictures that will allow him to become a true artist and aspiring photographer.

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