My Next Purchase Is Going To Be…..

A Bike!!!!

English: 3 women on bicycles on unpaved countr...

English: 3 women on bicycles on unpaved country road, USA, late 19th Century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I have been wanting a bicycle for a long time now. I want the real vintage bicycles but they are hard to find and if you do find them they can get pretty expensive. I have started looking at reproductions now. I have found so many, now I need to decide what style I want.

I listen to my mom talk about how when she was in school a bicycle is how they got around. I recall even riding our bikes all over, to and from our friends house, the convenience store, etc. Today, if I were to ask my daughter to ride a bike instead of driving she would have a small cow. What happened to the old days??




Here is a 1950’s Reproduction Hero Bike…

Here is Schwinn reproduction style….

I found this really cool Classic Schwinn Collector’s Library of Bicycles. Everything you want to know about Schwinn Bicycles.

I just need to go find me one and show my daughter that riding a bike is still cool; not to mention cheaper. My next post will be of my new bike and hopefully one of my daughter riding with me!!!

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