My Personal Photographer, Best Friend, and Husband

I wanted to do a post about my personal photographer Brad Boening..who also happens to be my husband and best friend, Brad Boening.

Hubby is a Freelance Photographer Specializing in “Natural Light – Location” Photography. He does a variety of things including Macros, Events, Sports, and Portraits. I enjoy having a husband who is so talented and I can call my personal photographer. He started off by simply taking pictures of the kids and scenes for fun and had a knack for it. Below is a little bit about him and his photography.

From his Out-Of-Focus website…..

Out-of-Focus Photography originally started out as a place for me to vent, rant and show on the topic of Photography – which happens to be my weapon of choice.  What the site has evolved into however,  is a place for me to share my inspirational findings with other creative individuals.  Hopefully you enjoy this stuff as much as I do.

About the Photographer:

Brad Boening was born in 1974 in San Antonio, Tx and is currently resides in Las Vegas and works in Information Technology. He began taking photos 17 years ago and enjoys finding the “perfect picture”. For the past 3 years, Brad has devoted most of his attention towards the art of photography and it is that devotion to his pictures that will allow him to become a true artist and aspiring photographer.

Brad has a blog website Out-Of-Focus Photography containing all of his photos you can go check out.

There is a Facebook page Out-of–Focus Photography where he does daily posts or photo of the day.

We go to different events and I typically am like a kid in a candy store, can’t wait to get home and see what he took and how all the pictures turned out.

Viva Las Vegas Weekender 16, Secrets In Lace. Who does’t love lingerie?

Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale, Nevada. Who does’t love a cowboy?

And of course me, at Nelson, Nevada!

Any of the photos are available for purchasing, or he is available for photo shoots. Just visit his website for more information.

Hope you enjoy browsing through all of Brad’s photos like I do!! If you like any feel free to leave a comment.


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