An interview I wanted to Share to all my Pinup Fans – Bianca Bombshell

I follow a famous pin up model named Bianca Bombshell and she just did a 3 part interview with Pin Up Passion. I love them and wanted to share them with others.

Bianca Bombshell is a modern day pin up girl. Here she shares her best posing advise for photoshoots, what her most prized possession is (hint: It’s not what you think) and talks to us about an average day in her life.

Bianca is truly a great role model for all women – teaching us to embrace what we have and love yourself for the person you are within, not so much the exterior.

Part 1 talks about Confidence, Pin Up on a Budget, Curves

Part 2 talks about Body Image, Getting Into Modeling, Lingerie
Part 3 talks about Posing Advise, BB’s Most Prized Possession, An Average Day In The Life Of BB

One comment

  1. We love Bianca. She actually participated in our exclusive series, “Cooking With A Pin Up.” Her recipe is at the following link if you are so inclined.

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